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Hosianna Mantra, Popol Vuh Popol Vuh: Hosianna Mantra
by deepest 2014-07-24T14:01:09+02:00
I agree with the nopop's review. This work is really a milestone to which has contributed the lovely and ethereal voice of Djon Yun.

Hosianna Mantra, Popol Vuh Popol Vuh: Hosianna Mantra
by nopop 2014-07-12T16:25:38+02:00
If it were possible, if the stars were six instead five, my rating would be six. Who does not know this masterpice can not really understand, Hosianna Mantra is the highest peak of the rock music history (a certain kind of rock...), unreachable, and to date never reached.

Meddle, Pink Floyd Pink Floyd: Meddle
by Working man 2014-07-12T15:08:30+02:00
One Of These Days is extraordinary, surely it is among their best songs ever. Echoes is very good but not so stunning, Fearless is good, the rest are experiments, some of which not too succeeded.

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Pink Floyd
Compilation (1971)
Psychedelic Rock

It is a compilation album by Pink Floyd released in 1971 and re-mastered in 1995 with a different cover.
Pink Floyd
The Best Of The Pink Floyd
Compilation (1970)
Psychedelic Rock

Compilation album containing tracks taken from the Pink Floyd's early production.
Pink Floyd
See Emily Play, Scarecrow, Arnold Layne, Candy And A Currant Bun
EP (1967)
Psychedelic Rock

EP by Pink Floyd reissued in 2012 (unofficial) on 5 different coloured vinyl's.
Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra
Studio Album (1972)
Ambient, Avant Garde Music, New Age, kosmische musik

It's the third album by Popol Vuh, recorded at Bavaria Studio, in München. it was divided into 2 distinct parts: 'Hosianna - Mantra' (consisting of tracks A1 to A3) and 'Das V. Buch Mose' (consisting of tracks B4 to B8).
Popol Vuh
In Den Gärten Pharaos
Studio Album (1971)
Ambient, Electronic, Minimal, kosmische musik

Second album by Popol Vuh, recorded at Trixi Studio, in Munich.

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