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Relics, Pink Floyd Pink Floyd: Relics
by randyband 2014-09-21T19:30:17+02:00
A good compilation collecting Pink Floyd early days and Post-Barrett songs. Worth hearing.

Pale Communion, Opeth Opeth: Pale Communion
by Rossiprog 2014-09-16T08:52:12+02:00
Really a great work, possibly it is one of the best Opeth album of this century. A return, a great return to the sound that has made them the band they are!

Heaven And Earth, Yes Yes: Heaven And Earth
by Mackabiri 2014-08-13T08:32:15+02:00
Unlike their last work (Fly From Here, released in 2011 but made up largely of old unreleased material), Heaven & Earth is a very disappointing album. Squire, Howe and White make only ordinary administration, so, the significant episodes are essentially only two 'Subway Walls' and 'Light of the Ages'. The rest of the songs is not an acceptable level for a group with their background. The only positive note is the vocal performance of Jon Davison but obviously it is not enough.

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Ian Anderson (August 25, 2014)
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El Pintor
Studio Album (2014)
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, and Atomic Sound, in New York City, El Pintor is their fifth studio album.
Pale Communion
Studio Album (2014)
Progressive Rock

Recorded at Rockfield Studios, it is the eleventh studio album by Opeth. Pale Communion is their first album with keyboardist Joakim Svalberg after the departure in 2011 of Per Wiberg. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson; the cover art was designed by Travis Smith, who in the past had already collaborated with the band.
Ian Anderson
Homo Erraticus
Studio Album (2014)
Progressive Rock

It' is a concept album divided into three sections: 'Chronicles' (A1 to A8), 'Prophecies' (A9 to A11) and 'Revelations' (A12 to A15). Homo Erraticus wants to be a loose follow-up to Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick (1972) and Anderson's Thick as a Brick 2 (2012).
Ian Anderson
Thick As A Brick, Live In Iceland
Live Album (2014)
Progressive Rock

It was recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland, on 22 June 2012, during the Thick as a Brick Tour in Europe and the United States throughout 2012 and 2013.
Popol Vuh
Studio Album (1973)
kosmische musik

It's the fourth album by Popol Vuh recorded at Baumburg (Altenmarkt) and Stommeln (Cologne). Original lyrics are from the Gospel of Saint Matthew, revisited by Florian Fricke. Fritz Sonnleitner (violin)and Djong Yun (vocals soprano) perform only on the bonus track A9 contained in the 2004 CD edition

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