Phil Keaggy
Born: 1951-03-23, U. S. A., Youngstown, Ohio;
Member of:
Genres: Folk, Folk Rock, Jazz, Pop, Progressive Rock, Rock, New Age, Gospel, Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock
Instrument(s): vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Note & Curiosity:

Born Philip Tyler Keaggy, he is an American acoustic and electric guitarist, singer and songwriter  who has released more than 50 albums from the 70s onwards. He is considered a legendary musician in USA for his contribution to the development of contemporary Christian music. He is also considered one of the best "finger-picking" guitarists in the world.

Official Site: Phil Keaggy Official Site;
Main collaborations: Randy George
Phil Keaggy Discography
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Year Type Title Ratings Overall
2006Appears onMorse Portnoy And George: Cover To Cover 3 Rate3.16

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